Quotes on Love and Life – Marion Sinclair-Simpson

Quotes on Love and Life – Marion Sinclair-Simpson

“To look into the eyes of another human being and to see love reflected in those eyes – that is gift!”

“Love is like a seed we plant in the ground. When we make a decision to love and perform an act of kindness, the seed of love grows and spreads and will eventually make its way back to our own hearts – multiplied.”

Growing Seedlings

“Love changes everything, everyone and every situation touched by it.”

“When we intentionally focus on love all of our thoughts, words and deeds will become firmly rooted in love.”

“With practice, we discover that the more we love, the more capable of loving we become.”

“Love is the highest form of humanity and also the highest form of spirituality.”

Pebbles in pond

“The ripples caused by throwing a pebble in a pond are miniscule compared to the immeasurable distance our loving acts travel.”

“Love changes people.”


“The Holy Spirit is our True Teacher as through our finite human minds it is impossible to grasp God’s infinite capacity to love us.”

“Love sees through the eyes of the heart.”

love couple silhouette

“An open heart knows and receives love. An open mind knows and receives wisdom. An open spirit knows and receives God.”

“Love is surrender, love is intimacy and love is oneness.”

“Through God’s eyes we are all beautiful.”

“Each soul has a special purpose that only that person can fulfill.”

“To God the most beautiful part of His creation is humankind.”

“Lack of love is the cause of all sin and division in the world.”

“Love is the cure for all that ails suffering humanity.”

“It is always the choice at all times of each person to act in love, or to act in self-interest.”

“Our hearts are transformed by performing one loving act of kindness, generousity and unselfishness after another.”Felt with the Heart Helen Keller

“The more we serve in humility and love, the closer we come to the heart of God.”

“Remember always, we live physically once; eternity is forever. Our physical lives and how we live them, determine our place in eternity.”

“When we hear truth we assimilate it into our consciousness, we recognize it, it is in agreement with our spirit, it enriches our life and causes us to seek more truth.”

“Truth will be revealed to all who seek it with humble, open and contrite hearts.”


“Compassionate love is unconditional love.”

“God is always greater than our circumstances.”

“The wind is invisible and yet blows where it wills. Love is also invisible and yet touches all humanity. Our spirits are invisible and yet they are our true selves.”

“We are created in love to serve our Heavenly Father and one another.”

“To truly love is to serve God and others on our journey of life.”

“This life is passing and yet every word spoken, every gesture used has eternal consequences.”

words have power

“Legalism is fraudulent worship, love is true worship.”

“One love filled heart can change the world.”

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa

“We bind ourselves in wounds of anger when we refuse to fogive others.”

“Conflicting doctrines are not blessed by God. It is another example of placing legalism over love.”

“Those who claim God as their father will practice the virtue of love. God is love.”

“God loves – always.”

“God’s existence is proven by acts of love – nothing else.”

Life is a precious gift
Life is a precious gift

“God can be found in the eyes and laughter of a child, in the song and flight of the bird, in the awesome fierceness of nature and in the perfect alignment of the planets. Wherever, whenever and with whomever we experience love – God is in the midst.”

“Without faith, God can do nothing for us. With faith, God can accomplish all things for us.”


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