Inspiration for Love Letters from God – God’s Love Letters

Q. What inspired Love Letters from God – God’s Love Letters?

A. Curiousity. Guilt. Longing. The inspiration for Love Letters from God came from a deep desire inside my own heart to go deeper in my search for meaning and to find my own true purpose for being here. Maybe partly I felt guilty that for a long time I had been pushing my faith and as a result my relationship with God to the back burner of my life. Too busy with living a life as a wife, mother and wage earner it seemed like getting “religion” would be just one more thing to put on my To Do list. But I knew I was missing something important, there was an emptiness inside and a longing for more. Eventually I opened the door to allow God more fully into my life.

Seeking Answers

I had fallen into depression after losing two babies through miscarriage, my marriage was falling apart and I was not able to be fully present for my family.

Doctors put me on medication, I gained 40 lbs in a couple of months, becoming even more depressed. One day I picked up all the medications the doctor had prescribed and emptied all of them into the fireplace, they were not helping me. I began working on my own recovery.

Taking Charge

Firstly, I started exercising and eating more healthily to lose the unwelcome weight. Then I joined various self-help groups, I began to talk to a counsellor and that was helpful. A person outside of my situation who was not emotionally involved with my drama or pain was a good person to bounce things off of, it helped that she was completely detached from what I was experiencing and she recommended I enroll in night classes at the local university to work on self esteem building. I did and found that each course I  signed up for was beneficial in helping me learn new life, coping and communication skills. Yet something was still missing. As a family we had begun attending church regularly and it was there I learned about small group Bible Study classes that were being held in the homes of some parishioners. I signed up for one in my neighbourhood and that was where my journalling of my relationship with God initially began.


God loves you
God is calling your name

Being a writer, I have always journalled in one form or another, secret diaries when I was a young girl, writing long expansive letters to family and friends as a young wife and mother. Chronicling my life has always been important to me. Writing down the lessons I was learning at Bible Study was important, each week when I attended I learned so much about God and how much He loved me.

Unconditional Love was New for Me

Unconditionally. That was amazing, I grew up believing I had to do things to earn love. Through studying about God and His love for His children, I learned that real love is not earned, or even deserved, instead it is freely conferred and there is no deservability required. It just is freely available and it changes the person who accepts it because God’s love is cleansing, healing and restorative. It makes everything else in life worthwhile. Everything we do and experience is used for our benefit when we surrender it to God.


My relationship with God changed me in many ways and all those ways were beneficial to me and to my family, friends and I wanted to share those blessings with others. Over time I had enough experiences to put a book to help others and Love Letters from God, or God’s Love Letters was born. It is a book written in love to help others find God. He is always open and waiting for us to turn to Him.

Inspiration for Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Q. What is the inspiration for Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?

Anger at the Old Boy’s Club Mentality

A. Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing was written after I had worked for the church and as an insider I had observed many things that I believed should be brought into the open. Sometimes we humans give too much credit, or bestow too much trust in people who are “religious” on the outside. Maybe not all religious people deserve to be put on pedestals. I found the lack of respect for women particularly disheartening, it seems quite unChristlike in an organization that promotes Christian values.

Abuse of Power

The Novel was inspired by my desire to shine a spotlight on abuse. Abuse of trust, abuse of power, abuse of innocence and abuse of God’s church and the people trusting that it is a safe place. It definitely should be safe, but that is not always the experience.

Shining Light

For me, bringing into the light some of the darkness that exists behind closed doors was not a choice, it became a necessity. We all need to expose the darkness, the lies, the deceit and must bring light, truth and healing into the dark corridors of corruption. Those wearing clerical collars and hiding behind the walls of God’s churches who are living lives of corruption mush be exposed. The children, the young people, the adults and the elderly people who sit in the pews deserve sanctity in the House of the Lord. I have known people horribly wounded by abuse of those in power, I wanted to give them a voice.

When I read of the death of Thomas de Kempis it raised a lot of red flags for me and so I researched as much as possible into that and it fit perfectly to bring the corruption of earlier times forward into the present day. The past being a mirror to the present was another way to highlight injustice.

Love Supersedes All

Intertwining love stories, through the novel was a plot device which brought to the fore the unreasonableness of the church policy on enforced celibacy for its clergy. Love supersedes all but the journey towards love never runs smooth and it brings necessary tension to the unfolding drama.

Q. Are the characters, other than the actual historical Thomas de Kempis, based on actual people you know?

A. Yes, every fiction has its root in truth. The characters, particularly the villainous ones are accurate portrayals of people I have known or learned about through research.

Q. What do you think happened to the characters after the book ended?

A. They are alive and well and living their lives as fully as they can. Characters become real in the minds and hearts of writers and readers as they invest in their journeys.

Q. Will there be a sequel?

A. Absolutely. I am writing it now and plan on posting updates for my readers and subscribers to my list. It takes the story of the main characters to the next level in their relationships and it continues the story of the characters that have become beloved by the readers. Also, mystery is intriguing and addicting we all love to solve them me as much as my beloved readers.

Inspiration for Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians

30 Day to Peace of Mind

Q. Mindshifting Mindfulness is a Christian meditation inspirational book what caused you to write it?

A. Stress. Living a drama filled life and not being in control of anything happening around me is what birthed Mindshifting Mindfulness.

Near Death Experience

I had a near death experience and that caused me to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and this was piled on top of other past life threatening experiences. My recent trauma happened like this, I was a passenger in a truck when the driver’s heart stopped, he passed out, at the time we were driving on a busy highway, going about 80 to 100 km per hour. Fortunately, because he went limp his feet left the pedals and I had to grab the steering wheel because the truck started heading for the middle of the highway and it seemed to be about to tip over. I prayed very hard, “God help me.”  Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, I steered the wheel as much as I could to the right side of the road and turned off the keys the truck began scraping against the concrete barrier at the side of the road I could see the sparks of the metal from the undercarriage of the truck rubbing against the concrete. The truck slowed down enough to stop. Everyone survived, the driver was revived and recovered well,  the truck was fine, but I experienced severe trauma as a result.

Living on Eggshells

Not sleeping, living on eggshells, never being able to relax, was my new life experience. While reliving the trauma over and over. Everyone we knew wanted the details. But instead of taking care of my own needs I expended all my emotional, mental and physical energy taking care of the other person. After all he had a heart stopping moment. As a result of being completely other focused. My own health suffered, I gained weight. I was afraid to sleep in case the other person would die on my watch, I was afraid to drive and avoided that particular stretch of road. I had a bad car accident three years before this experience so it was trauma on top of trauma.

Crazy Monkey Brain Train Thoughts

My life became much smaller as a result. After talking to a counsellor I realized it was PTSD and taking pills did not help. Exercising helped a bit. Mostly, my thoughts were running around my head like a monkey on speed and they were all worry thoughts., expecting imminent disasters and being constantly hyper vigilant living in “fight or flight” mode, I was wearing myself out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


One day I was watching a program on TV and it was about meditation, my doctor recommended that it could be helpful since the pills had not helped so I began taking classes on Mindfulness Meditation, it was helpful. I joined a group of other like minded people, who had also experienced burn out from the stresses of life, at war with their own thoughts and we practiced Mindfulness in a group setting. It was helpful to know I was not alone. Learning new skills that  taught me to breathe, how to be still, how to slow down my thoughts was a ‘letting go’ of anxiety and fear. Breathing seems so natural, yet when we are stressed we do not breathe deeply. We are robbing our body, our minds, our cells or oxygen. Learning to breathe deeply again is healing on so many levels.

Mindfulness works when it is practiced on a regular basis.

When I practiced Mindfulness things got better in my life. When I forgot to practice Mindfulness things went back to me experiencing crazy monkey brain thoughts.

Birthing the Book

My plan was to write about meditation, yet I found resistance to meditation from some Christians, I decided to create a new form of Mindfulness and call it Mindshifting while incorporating God and Jesus into the meditations in the form of prayers. Meditation is good. Meditating on the Word of God brings peace, wisdom and draws us closer to God. It is a form of breathing deeply and controlling our breath, as a result of focusing on our breath we take the focus from our thoughts and as a result we calm our minds. It is when we worry and let our minds think of the 101 things that can go wrong in situations, we are living stress filled lives. Jesus took a lot of time away from everyone to pray. That is where He got His strength, as His followers that is what we must emulate to live fully evolved Christian lives.

Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians

Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians teaches a form of opening up to a deeper grace filled experience.

The book is a sharing of my journey. We all need to live a calmer life. Less drama, more peace. Less worry, more prayer. Less anxiety, more meditation. Come to the calm and stay awhile. This book and Mindfulness is a great resource for people who experience any form of stress.

Current and Future Projects

Q. Will there be a follow up Mindshifting Mindfulness book?

A. Currently I am working on a book of Mindfulness Meditation Exercises. That is being formulated for release now. Also, I am recording some audio Mindfulness meditation exercises. I will post that to the Mindfulness Blog when it is completed.

The Art of Writing

Writers are always writing, observing and plotting to put stories into a semblance of words. Sometimes the stories the write are gleaned from their own life experience, and at times they must tell the stories that others deserve to read. Writing is a compulsion and a gift. Writing is an art form, if it makes you the reader think, care and want to do something about what you read, then it is successful. If it horrifies you it has touched you. If something you read causes you to think differently than you did beforehand, you have grown. Writers write because they must. When it is going well it is Heaven on earth and that is why we persevere. We are always seeking the euphoric bliss that comes from being in the zone. When we hear from you, our readers that you have been touched by reading our works that is our true reward for the many hours we have spent in isolation, researching, interviewing, writing and editing our words. Thank you !