Love Letters From GOD

Love Letters From GOD


The Purpose of Life is to Love and be Loved

Your Purpose

If you have ever wondered why you are here and what your true purpose is, and really who hasn’t? Love Letters from God was written to ask the questions about life and its purpose. I believe that when you read this book you will discover that life’s purpose all comes down to love, the real kind, not the fake TV and Movieland kind. Real love is tenderness and compassion, we become more real when we begin stretching ourselves to help others. Real love is sacrificial but the more we give it away the more it grows inside and expands our own compassion.

Why We Need to Choose God

When we are faced with life crisis’ it is then we choose to go deep inside of our own resources to cope. I found when I faced my life crisis that coming before God in prayer was when and where I received the strength and wisdom to know how to keep going.

Surrendering to God

Jesus tells us in the Bible that “Apart from Me you can do nothing, with Me you can do all things.”  Personally I acknowledge that in the past I have been stubborn and obstinate many times trying to be too independent, “I don’t need anyone or anything.” That ornery attitude just caused me to fall down and fail. When I instead turned my face to God and humbly prayed for His help, I have always received wonderful answers to prayer. The grace, the wonderful peacefulness that comes from surrendering to God has carried me through many difficult situations in life.

Sharing Our Stories

Life is too difficult to navigate alone. I am sharing my story with you, because others shared their stories with me and we all need to share our lessons and our blessings.  Life is a journey, it is easier if we walk with friends and offer encouragement along the path.

What Love Is

Love is eternal, invisible, healing, restoring and the one and only true purpose of each of our lives.

Love Letters From God, the book is my way of saying, “Thank you!” to God for the many answered prayers and blessings. I also want to share with you, just how much and how deeply you are also loved.

Love Letters from God
God is love and you are loved.

What you will learn from reading this book:

  • God cares for you much more than any words can adequately describe.
  • He will always be there for you.
  • God does not disappoint.
  • Your life will be changed; things will keep getting better.
  • You will realize that you are unique and irreplaceable.
  • The Most High God calls you His highly favoured and well-loved child.
  • You have an amazing purpose filled life waiting on your “Yes!”
  • You will learn to accept that you are deeply and wonderfully loved.
  • The heart that has been broken inside of you will find healing and hope.

Now is Your Time

From my heart, I pray love, blessings and hope over you and your loved ones.


I welcome you on your new pathway to a closer walk with God. We all need to walk forward together.



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