Go Affirm Yourself – It’s All About You!

Go Affirm Yourself – It’s All About You!

Go Affirm Yourself – It’s All About You!  

words have power


   Words matter. They can help and they can heal, they can build or they can destroy, they can bless or curse.

We use words constantly but do we use them lovingly?

When Peter Denied Even Knowing Jesus

When the Apostle Peter denied Jesus three times he had to wipe those three denials off the face of the planet by re-affirming his love for Jesus three times. Words have power.

We are Accountable for Every Word We Speak

Jesus told us through scripture that when He comes back we will have to account for every useless word we have ever spoken. Now that is one scary thought. Our words are POWERFUL and so we must choose them wisely and lovingly.

When Life Causes us Pain

Sometimes life situations can cause us pain and we may start to feel badly about ourselves, but that is only because we are viewing our circumstances through the lens of insecurity and lack. That is a false prism and not a realistic or accurate view of ourselves.

Viewing Ourselves Through God’s Loving Eyes

GOD created us and He sees us as we really are, He views us through the eyes of a Loving Parent. To really see ourselves clearly we need to view ourselves through His eyes. God’s view of us can be found in the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, the Old and New Testament dictated for all generations by the Great “I Am”. God called Himself “I Am” when Moses asked Him His name. So “I Am” is the most holy name for God because it is the one He uses to describe Himself. (Who would know better?)

I am me

I Am Worthy

Consequently when we use the “I am” words to describe ourselves we must do so with caution. If when we say “I am…” we follow those words with negativity such as “I am unworthy.” or “I am not strong enough.” or “I am a fool.” Well those are just damnable lies that come from the mouth of the Accuser (satan). We can’t give glory to the enemy of our souls by repeating his falsehoods, Jesus called satan, “the father of all lies.” The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life, so we can trust His words.

Child of the Most High and Holy God

You are a child of God. I am a child of God and yes before I knew better there were times I  used negative self descriptions but now I know better I do better, to quote the late great Maya Angelou.


I Did Then - Maya Angelou

We Must Use Strong and True Affirmations of Our Worth

Negative words about me or you do not glorify God or accurately represent who we are and the key to wiping those negative words from the universe is to replace them with the truth of who we really are, who we are as seen through the loving eyes of God. To do this we use strong and true affirmations of our worth and value as human beings who have been created by God and in the image of God Almighty Himself.

So let’s both repeat ” I am a child of GOD.” Say it with power, no wishy-washy soft voice hoping no-one else can hear. Speak it out loud and with conviction and determination say it with me, loud and strong, “I am a child of GOD.` (Read more in John 1:12.) Say it as often as you need to until you BELIEVE that you are anointed and appointed to be in this very place at this very time, YOUR life might be the only BIBLE some people ever get to read, so make it interesting and make it POSITIVE. No-one wants to hear a tale of WOE everyone wants to hear a tale of WOW! look what God has done for you and for me! Praise the Lord!


Holy Bible Old and New TestamentsRemember that old saying, “You are what you eat.”?  If you are feeding on the Word of God you are going to be one tasty treat to share with the world, because the Word is filled with truth and wisdom and interesting facts about you and your purpose here on good old planet Earth. Bet you did not think of it that way before, did you?


Here is another interesting fact about you. Did you know that the Bible says that you are a friend of Jesus? Check out John 15:15, if you don’t believe me. Then say it out loud. “Yes, Lord I am a friend of Jesus!” and you know what? He is the Best Friend and Truest Love you will ever have or need. Because with Him by your side you can –

“Do ALL THINGS through CHRIST Who strengthens you.”  Philippians 4:13

Hallelujah! He created you, He loves you, He strengthens you. All in a days work for Him.

I am enough

So now you know that you are:

1.) A child of GOD and that

2.) The Bible is the WORD of GOD

3.) And that you, yes little ol’ you can represent the Bible to strangers who have never picked up the book that grows us up from the inside out

4.) And don’t forget your Best Friend in the whole world is Jesus and He will strengthen you to accomplish all things. Wow! You are starting to look pretty awesome to me now. (Can we be friends too?)

Youre incredible

Here is some more good news all about you:

  1. You have been called to be a saint.
  2. When you are walking side by side with Jesus He freely gifts you with
  • Wisdom,
  • Righteousness,
  • Sanctification and
  • Redemption from sin

Here are even more interesting and amazing facts all about you:

  1. You are lovable – Jesus loves you – you are special
  2. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives inside you: guiding, leading, teaching, protecting, answering your prayers, pleading to God on your behalf at all times for your greatest good
  3. You and the Lord are one Spirit, you are one being
  4. You have been justified and redeemed by the shed blood of Christ, it is a done deal you are saved
  5. You will not be condemned by God, you have been set free from the law of sin and death
  6. You are an equal heir with Christ
  7. Your mind has been set free by Christ
  8. You are a new creature in Christ
  9. Your soul has been set free in Christ
  10. You have been chosen for a purpose that only you can fulfill.

Helpful and Practical Tips

Here is a way of affirmation that has worked for me, and I believe it will also help you to go affirm yourself, these are a few of the Biblical truths all about you in the Gospels.

Step One: Say over and over until you believe it enough to act it out, “I am lovable, I am loved, I am worthy of being loved, I desire love, I deserve love and I accept love”.

If it feels uncomfortable that is good, because it means you really need to keep practicing. Keep it up until you feel it beginning to stick like a fact that you have always known but were afraid to admit to. Say it again, and again, “I am lovable, I am loved, I am worthy of being loved, I desire love, I deserve love and I accept love” When you are ready after having successfully affirmed yourself move on to step two.

Step 2: Now pick up the book that is all about you, the BIBLE, which is filled with  messages of love and hope and redemption. The most exciting book ever written is the love story between God and you. It is thrilling from beginning to end. A page turner if ever there was one. Learn who you are in Christ and receive all the help you need to fulfill your destiny. It is all grace, God’s grace which fills us and leads us and changes our hearts and renews our minds and fills our spirits.

We are led by God’s own Spirit.

Finally a Warranty that Never Expires !

There is no money-back guarantee when you claim the promises in the Book of your life, it comes with something WAY better! It is an eternal warranty that guards and protects your body and soul, your home, your family, your loved ones and it comes with an abundance of blessings.

No More Loneliness!

You are not alone you have all the tools and resources you need, answered prayers, renewed heath, your purpose revealed, you gain an abundance of friends, blessings, spiritual and temporal gifts and most importantly the love of your life is by your side, encouraging, supporting and loving you through it all. He is the most awesome of cheerleaders!

Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

He believes in you! I believe in you! Its time you make that decision too. Focus on Him and His strengths and His gifts and His plan for your life and lets get this show on the road. I can see it all now after you make the decision to really commit your life to Him and allow Him to transform you and lead you. Perhaps the reviews for the show that is your life will read something like this…


“The reviews are in <strong>My Life with Jesus</strong>`is the best and most innovative and worthwhile show of the season. The tickets are free, the welcome is amazing and the response of the audience wild and spontaneous. The life and the energy in the room was indescribably joyous. `<strong>My Life with Jesus</strong> got a standing ovation and the most amazing part was that after it was over and the clapping stopped all the people who were in the audience raised their hands one at a time and each one told stories about how they had come to know Christ because of the Bible they had read which was your life.

Your life lived in love and thanksgiving, your life of service to God`s call to reach out to others, your life of sacrifice and love, all for love of HIM. Jesus.Loving God and Loving People

After everyone left and the spotlights dimmed you stayed behind to linger in the glow of all that happened for just a little while longer. As you began to turn to leave a light caught your attention it was coming from the roof of the theater, you wondered if one of the stage hands had turned on a switch, but then you realized the light was emanating from the direction of the roof and now there was an opening in the roof and you now had a clear view of the beautiful moonlit and star filled sky above from whence the translucent and luminous glow originated.

Moon and Stars

You seemed confused because you rubbed your eyes as if to check if you were awake or dreaming and then you saw the most beautiful man you have ever seen standing before you, His robes were glowing and white and His eyes were sparkling with unconditional love. He reached out His nail scarred hands to you and said, Well done my good and faithful servant, well done.and then you knew for sure that you had been right all along to believe and to love and to share that belief and love with all the others that had crossed your life`s pathway. You both left through the temporary portal that had opened through the roof and it made my heart sing to know that you chose to believe and were able to receive all that He had prepared for you before the beginning of the world.”

I believe, I believe, I believe…now receive, receive receive…

opening to heaven

I pray an abundance of love, blessings and health on you and those that you love. You are worthy. You are enough. You are loved.

Marion Sinclair-Simpson (C)