Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


FORBIDDEN FRUIT – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing shines a bright light on matters only before whispered about among those in power in the Vatican. There are those in power do not want this story to come out because it sheds not only a bright but accusing light on the abuses of power that have long been tolerated and often condoned by those in powerful positions in the Church. This novel is perfectly timed and positioned to make a difference in the abuse of power that corrupts in many areas of society. When power is abused by those who set out to steal and destroy it corrupts and destroys.

The story is well paced and exciting. It is a modern-day whodunit with twists and turns to keep the reader engaged, excited and eager to read more. The characters are flawed and struggling with sometimes overwhelming challenges as they face the ultimate battle of good over evil.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a page turner of a novel that will take the reader on a thrill ride through history. There are mysteries to be solved, historical figures who may have been robbed of sainthood. FORBIDDEN FRUIT tells of Priests and Monks who are caught up in the intrigue of power, abuse and blasphemy. This novel gives the avid mystery reader a peek behind the curtains of secrecy which those in power in the highest places in the Roman Catholic Church have long since taken refuge behind.

As the intriguing title, FORBIDDEN FRUIT,  suggests, the mystery, madness and mayhem that unfolds during this highly exciting and enjoyable page turning murder mystery provide for an enthralling ride for the reader. There are explorations of the dark and light side of human nature and the battles we all must face in life. Themes explored in the novel involve, romance and mystery, love and loss, betrayal of trust and treachery in high places; all these themes combine to take the reader on a thrilling journey of suspense.

Controversial issues such as, clerical abuse of power, enforced celibacy, greed, moral bankruptcy are touched upon in the far reaching themes explored sensitively and thoroughly by the author.

Readers are asking for more…

Forbidden Fruit
Thrilling whodunnit


The best fictions find their roots in truth.


Marion Sinclair-Simpson (C)


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