10 Reasons to Believe…

10 Reasons to Believe…



1. Believing brings hope (When we believe we receive).

2. Hope inspires purpose (The reason we are here).

3. Purpose inflames passion (Passion motivates us towards our purpose).

4. Passion causes joy (We are happiest when we are living our dreams).

5. Joy ignites love (Joy is the highest level of happiness).

6. Love becomes compassion (The love we experience has to be shared).

7. Compassion invites action (We become more focused on outreach to make a difference).

8. Action brings change (Others are inspired by kindness).

9. Change shows that hope + love + compassion + action = God in action (We are living on purpose).

10. God gives hope, creates love, shares compassion, gifts us with
grace to change ourselves and our world!




Marion Sinclair-Simpson (C)