Top 10 Answers About GOD

Top 10 Answers About GOD

1. Does God exist?

Answer: Yes!

2. Really?  What proof do you have?

Answer:  Do you have a mirror handy?

3. Is Hell a real place?

Answer: Jesus described Hell, war confirms it

4.  Why did God create Hell?

Answer: Lucifer and his bevy of rebellious angels did what rebels do, they created war in Heaven, and so God created an eternal home for them. However the good news is that eternal coolness is available for all those seeking and believing in a loving God.

5.  Why does God allow evil?

Answer: Evil came into the world through rebelliousness and selfishness. Each one of us has the opportunity to live our lives as givers or takers. We are called to serve, not to be served. We are called to share, not to accumulate. We are called to build, not to destroy. We are called to listen, not to shout. We are called to love, not to condemn. We are called.

6.  Live and evil are the same word reversed. Is this a coincidence?

Answer: Distractions, procrastination, avoidant behaviours, addictions etc., cause us to fail to live each day to the fullest. So definitely not a coincidence. We have to make positive changes to live a loving and purposeful life.

7.  What is the purpose of life?

Answer: Acknowledge God, learn to give and receive love and realize that this temporal and physical world where we now live is only a tiny segment of our actual lives which are spiritual and eternal. The purpose of life is love, love and love some more. Love is giving, sharing, caring, praying, helping, respecting, teaching and believing in a higher purpose and our higher power.

8.  Does free will really exist?

Answer:  Our wills are our own. We can decide to reach out beyond our own selfish wants and desires and share our lives, our talents and ourselves with others, or we can choose to reject communion with God, ourselves and with others. We are responsible for the choices we make.

9.  What is the one true religion?

Answer: The one without labels, that feeds the hungry, clothes the poor, shares all its resources with others, the one that does not wait until it knows the end of the story but writes love and acceptance into the hearts of all those hungering each day. The one that does not try to dominate but instead raises up the lowly, the one that teaches that all human beings are equal in God’s eyes, no gender barriers, no race preferences, no age discriminations, no judging of others, just acceptance, respect for all and love for all. True religion does not hurt, but instead brings healing. The one that serves God and humanity without seeking acknowledgement or reward. That is the ONE true religion. It is called the religion of LOVE.

10.  Where is the proof that God cares about me personally?

Answer: You are alive and you are reading this!  Also, think about all the past blesssings of your life and acknowledge the current blessings – you are loved.  Love cannot be measured, just experienced and shared. Check out the sunrise and the sunset, think of the oceans and mountains and remember all the amazing people who have in any way shown you love, respect and kindness, all of these were gifts from your Dad. Call Him God, Abba, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Higher Power, Creator etc., just do yourself a favour and call Him.

I hope these Top 10 Answers About God is helpful in your journey towards truth. Please contact me if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to answer any questions you may have in more detail. Blessings to you and yours,


(C) Marion Sinclair-Simpson