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About Marion


Marion Sinclair-Simpson, Author
Marion Sinclair-Simpson, Author


Marion Sinclair-Simpson, is a Writer, Inspirational Christian Author with a background in Theology , Christian Spirituality, Church History and Scripture with a specialization in the New Testament. She is also a God-seeker…


Author Bio/Marion Sinclair Simpson/Christian Author


Marion was born in Scotland into a family of six children. Four girls and two boys. Marion has been writing since the age of four when she received her first toy typewriter as a Christmas gift.

Words have always been her passion. Using those words to inform and entertain others was always her true destiny. Making a difference with her gift for words brings her true fulfillment and joy.

Marion emigrated from the United Kingdom, to Canada with two young sons in tow. In Canada her family expanded by one more son and a daughter, bringing the family to a total of six.

Whether Marion is writing fiction or non-fiction the subjects she chooses to write about are always close to her heart. Marion has been an advocate for Social Justice all her life which has been reflected in her many volunteer projects, ranging from feeding the homeless to advocating for victims of violence. Helping others through difficult times has been regarded as a privilege.

  • Favourite author from the past: Somerset Maugham
  • Favourite author from the present: Michael Connelly
  • Favourite quote: To thine own self be true, and thou then cannot be false to any man. – William Shakespeare
  • Favourite food: Chocolate
  • Favourite hobby: Walking in nature
  • Favourite inspirational saying: She needed a hero, so she became one.

Books by Marion Sinclair Simpson:

Love Letters from God (Christian/Catholic/Inspirational/Encouragement).

Forbidden Fruit – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – Marion Sinclair Simpson (historical fiction/romance/Medieval times).

Mindshifting Mindfulness – Marion Sinclair Simpson (non-fiction/inspirational).

ABOUT Love Letters from God

Life does not have an instruction manual and so we all have to learn from experience. We were all born to love and to be loved, this is a Biblical precept, but sometimes we search for love in all the wrong places, from all the wrong people and through all the wrong things for example through the pursuit of riches or fame. As a result of pursuing worldly goals and not Godly ones we can end up battered and bruised. Society tends to model the scandalous as the desirable but when we blindly follow that path, we are quickly disillusioned and find that we become even more wounded by participating in the ‘if it feels good do it’ hedonistic mantra of popular ‘civilization’.

If you have questions for God you will find the answers between the pages of Love Letters from GOD.

Love Letters From God is a book which brings clarity to the complex subjects of God and the meaning of life. This courageous book bravely asks and seeks to answer such daunting questions as “If God is good why does suffering exist?

The book informs, inspires and invites the reader to embark upon a life-altering dynamic journey of spiritual revelation and growth. This book was written for everyone who seeks a relationship with God. Also for those who seek to deepen their understanding of God and the meaning of scripture. The book also benefits those who are confused by the complexity of Theology and Church Doctrine. This book clarifies and explains with simplicity and honesty the most complex issues facing God seekers today, for example:

  • If God is a God of love why are His followers involved in wars?
  • What is our individual life purpose?
  • How do we open our hearts and minds to hear directly from God?

Everything is in the book to discover. This book has inspired Pastors, as well as new Christians seeking answers. It will help you and any family members who have wandered away from the faith. Love Letters From God by Marion Sinclair-Simpson is written to invite you and those you love to come home to the faith. To come home to God and find the real you and discover your life’s purpose. No-one else can fill your shoes, you are irreplaceable. Buy the book and discover just how much you are loved!

If are ready to be radically changed, blessed and used by God and if you know your purpose is calling you, then now is the time to make a path where there is none. You absolutely know there is more to life than the life you are currently living. God has a plan and purpose for your life and He is ready to reveal it to you. The time is now.

This book was written for you. You are a warrior, you are a hero. Order the book, “Love Letters from God © by Marion Sinclair-Simpson read it, let the words saturate your mind, your heart and your spirit and you will be accepted, blessed, changed and become an integral part of the community of love.

Order ‘Love Letters from God © by Marion S. Simpson

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