God is speaking…who is listening? Enforced Celibacy and other lies…


~Marion Sinclair-Simpson

I would like to belong to a church where my opinion matters and my voice is heard. The church is called the Bride of Christ and I think that the bride should be in preparation for the return of the Bridegroom and she needs to do a lot of soul searching about why her garments are in such disarray.

There is a priest that I know who is a master manipulator, he manipulates magnificently, he has fooled many people, but he cannot manipulate God. He has manipulated his way to the hierarchy of the church.

One wonders where the gift of spiritual discernment is to be found in church leadership, when wolves in sheep’s clothing continue to be elevated to yet higher places of power. How many people have to be damaged before action is taken by the hierarchy? Isn’t one harmed person one too many? Especially when God’s most vulnerable adolescent children are being led astray, damaged and exposed to the false gospel of legalism over genuine love, hedonism over humility, pride over repentance. God will not allow that situation to continue.

A good and holy priest was moved out of the area because he tried to bring into the light the deeds of the ‘master manipulator’, the good priest tried to do the ‘right’ thing and tell what he knew, but he himself was banished and ordered to speak of the matter to no-one. Fortunately, his conscience would not let him remain silent.

The ‘discipline’ of enforced celibacy has attracted some extremely damaged males, who are immature in their sexuality and stuck in a prolonged sexual adolescence. They have the bodies of men but the sexual mentality of teenage boys, and sadly are often attracted to vulnerable teenage boys, causing irreparable damage by their depraved actions. Perhaps only 1% of priests suffer from this malady according to reliable studies on the subject. But 1% can do a lot of damage when one realizes that the average sexual predator will have between 200 to 300 victims before being caught.

Could it be that the Holy Spirit is speaking through the pain of the people, the disenfranchised and marginalized people who have been hurt and excluded by the hierarchy?

It is unfortunate that the Catholic Church seems unwilling to return priestly marriage to its rightful place in the church. Pope Benedict says he doesn’t want to do away with enforced celibacy because it could cause a ‘schism’ in the church, perhaps he does not read the papers and is unaware of the many schisms and the terrible pain and suffering and the blackness of sins that this false teaching has caused and continues to cause since its introduction.

There have been many sinful acts displeasing to God as the church holds onto this false man-made teaching that is not and has never been rooted in love for God. Its roots are based on the love of riches and a grab for power by the Church of the middle-ages also known as the dark ages; it is certainly not rooted in glorifying God. It brings God no honour.

Human life is messy because people interfere in God’s teachings. God said in Genesis that “It is not good for man to live alone”. So that should have been the end of the matter. After all that was the very first book of the Bible and God had spoken. But no it wasn’t the end. Jesus had married disciples well that should have confirmed the matter but no it didn’t. God gave Mary a husband, why? I think because men and women need each other and God knows it.

Mary had a husband and that surely proves that marriage is an elevated state of life. But no not the way the church Fathers decided to see things. They take God’s words and twist them to suit their own purposes and darkness ensues. Do you know that they the church leaders threw the wives and children of priests out on the streets when they decided to reclaim church property from the families of married priests? Do you know that these women were spat upon and treated as less than prostitutes? Do you know these women were kicked, mocked and left to die sometimes in prisons, sometimes on the streets?

All in obedience to the new teaching of enforced celibacy that was now proclaimed by the church. Where is the loving redemption in that act? Do you know that the leaders of the church told priests that they were unclean when they had sexual relations with their wives? How dare they say that an act created by God for the purpose of love and bringing life into families was in anyway unclean? This just proves the lie of their words that they take something beautiful and holy and try to pervert it as they continue to try to do by allowing the perversions to continue and punishing those who bring them into the light

Sexuality between a husband and wife is a mirror physical image of the spiritual closeness that we have to seek with God. Two bodies become one; Jesus wants our spirits to become one with His. How can we understand one if we reject the other? Sexuality is a gift from God. How can we be complete and fulfilled if we reject a part of ourselves and a part of God’s gift to ourselves?

All Christian people should be fired up against the injustices that are perpetrated with full knowledge and complicity of those who were entrusted with protecting the ‘Bride of Christ’, and instead allow Her robes to be sullied with their own sinful acts. It is difficult to be an independent voice in the church, as John Paul ll pretty much silenced all independent thought within its ‘hallowed’ walls. Ah! Obedience how it has been misappropriated to cover up the multitudinous sins of the hierarchy. But truth will out because God is truth and His time is at hand. He is always on the side of those who truly proclaim His words, not those who fail to think for themselves and just blandly swallow everything fed to them.

When we come before the throne of God He will not allow us to point at others and say that we just did what they told us to. He will demand to know why we did not defend those who had no voice, those who were abused by those in power who could not see how they were being used, abused and manipulated.

Let us become very passionate about doing whatever needs to be done to clean out the church that bears the name of Christ. I have a dream about it, you know like Martin Luther King had a dream and some of his dream has come to pass, I share my dream with Christ, I dream of a church filled with people and led by people who have truly washed their robes clean and listen only to the voice of God and not the enemy.

A church full of people who swear allegiance to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit alone, and do not swear allegiance to fallible human beings claiming to be His representatives on earth, I dream of a church full of people who know the Word and share their knowledge with one another,  I dream of a church filled with those who follow the true teachings of Christ the teachings summed up in “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself”, (not the 666 canons), I dream of a church filled with  people who know that only God and God alone is infallible, no human being can claim infallibility and should never dare to.

Christ told us that no student is ever greater than his Master. He is our Teacher. He is our Lord. He is our Law. He and He alone is worthy of adoration and praise and worship.

No human being should ever claim or accept the title of, “holiness”, “worship”, or “lord’, Jesus Christ alone claims ownership of these titles. He alone is to be reverenced. Ah! Human pride how easily we are all engulfed and swayed by it. “Humanity, humanity what hast thou ransomed thy soul for? A mess of potage”

Meanwhile, Jesus is continuously calling us into right relationship with Him. One where He is leading and we are following. All our problems are under His care and protection. His glory and blessings are shining like the sunlight warming us and healing us and leading us forward into all truth.

Truth as revealed by the Spirit of Truth.

Love as exampled by the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Hope that is given to be shared as an encouragement to our fellow suffering humans as Jesus, who knew and believed, trusted and hoped until His dying breath on the cross. “Today I tell you, you will be with Me in paradise.” The ultimate promise of faith and belief.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)