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    Forgiveness-Thoughts-Quotes-Scriptures   A Tender Heart is a Teachable Heart… Some Thoughts on Love and Forgiveness – In life it is inevitable that we will need to extend and receive forgiveness, we are imperfect beings and sometimes we hurt others and sometimes others hurt us. The good news is that we have the grace of forgiveness and forgetfulness so that we can move on and start over, more good news is that we only hurt because we have opened ourselves up to another and allowed them access to our lives, that is always a courageous act. Love and Forgiveness Somewhere I read that without forgiveness there is no love and without love…

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    How Lovable Are You?

    How Lovable Are You?   If we could measure love in portions called quotients and ask God what your lovability quotient is He will tell you that it is very, very high, so high in fact He gave up everything and everyone in Heaven to come here and show you by His life, suffering and painful death followed by His glorious resurrection that you are worth everything to Him.   I didn’t ask Him to: It is hard to believe that God loves us unconditionally and for no reason that is obvious to us, especially when we did not ask Him to love us, or do anything to earn His love.…

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    Happiness is Not Optional

     Happiness is Not Optional – It is a Necessity…     Have you every bought a lottery ticket hoping that winning huge amounts of money will change and improve the quality of your life? Pretty much millions of people do that each and every week, the chances of winning the big prize is less than 1 in 50 million, but we keep buying and keep dreaming. But would it really make us happy if we won a ton of cash? The experiences of former lottery winners seems to suggest that the money did not bring them happiness, only a different set of problems, along with a lot of begging letters and lots of…