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Marion Sinclair-Simpson

Marion Sinclair-Simpson is the author of Love Letters from God which is an inspirational Christian book, merging anecdotes and encouraging scriptures. Have you ever wanted to ask God anything? This book takes on that formidable task and the result is a work that will inspire and encourage its readers in their spiritual journeys.


The first in a trilogy of thrillers was recently released. It is named Solomon’s Portico a whodunnit, murder mystery with a twist, the murder was committed in the fourteenth century but is not discovered until the 21st century. The plot thickens, Solomon’s Portico means Gate of Solomon, or the door of the church. Aptly named as the novel is also an expose for some very underhanded behaviours taking place in the local Catholic parish. This book is timely, it touches on issues of priest abuse. It does not shy away from the hard topics facing the Catholic church such as priestly celibacy. The characters are fascinating and the novel is well paced, the first in the trilogy is a winner. I am looking forward to the next two books with great anticipation. A great read.

Marion Sinclair-Simpson CEO of Little Fish Publishing located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The publishing house honours Christian values promoting integrity in the written word through the publication of Christ based materials.

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