How Lovable Are You?

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If we could measure love in portions called quotients and ask God what your lovability quotient is He will tell you that it is very, very high, so high in fact He gave up everything and everyone in Heaven to come here and show you by His life, suffering and painful death followed by His glorious resurrection that you are worth everything to Him.


I didn’t ask Him to:

It is hard to believe that God loves us unconditionally and for no reason that is obvious to us, especially when we did not ask Him to love us, or do anything to earn His love.

How can I accept that He cares for me unconditionally?

Now all you have to do is accept that as fact and move on. So how do you finally accept that you are lovable exactly as you are, when the whole world is telling you that you have to lose weight, be taller, be funnier, be more compliant, be stronger, be more gentle, get more money, be more healthy, be more intelligent….?

Heavenly Wisdom versus Worldy Confusion

Of course, not really the whole world just those who are stuck in the mentality of the ‘world’ those who think that plastic TV personalities are worthy to emulate. They are not. Life is rich and colourful and beautiful in its’ tapestry of people who are different from one another on the outside, but the same on the inside.

All souls are looking for love and acceptance. Sadly sometimes we look outside of ourselves for those things, only God loves unconditionally, the rest of us, well we are all just learning what is possible in the realm of love. Have you ever wondered about the real purpose of your being here? Love Letters from GOD –  Provides Answers to Life Have you discovered your mission? Love Letters from God by Marion Sinclair-Simpson will reveal answers to questions of your heart and you will finally see your true and beautiful self. There is so much more wisdom in the book that can help you to truly become aware of how much GOD believes in you.

You are beautiful, you are loved exactly as you are. GOD believes in you. GOD has amazing and wonderful plans for your life GOD knows you are worthy of all good things and the first step is to believe it GOD wants you to realize the definition of true beauty which is to accept yourself just as you are. God is such an uncomfortable word, but it is the one we use to describe our Heavenly Father. The one person who looks into our eyes and sees our thoughts, hears our longings and knows our strengths. We are seen through the eyes of unconditional love by our Father who gave us life.

accept yourself Self Acceptance

 Taking care of ourselves so we can care for others

GOD wants you to take care of you and the first step is to learn how to love. Nourish your body, feed your mind, nurture your spirit. Open your heart and let GOD love you, one gentle healing word at a time. Let GOD speak HIS truth into your heart and let your true life journey begin.

“Love Letters From God”


Marion Sinclair-Simpson

Jesus is calling you

Find healing to all of the hurts that life has caused you.

Discover the Answers to Life’s difficult spiritual questions.

Become your most authentic self.

Start today – this book has helped many people to draw closer to God let it help you too. Follow your dreams.

Find love, hope and the tools you need to change the world one heart at a time beginning with your own Leap-of-faith

  God’s love for you is beyond all imagining – Believe the truth of LOVE I love you I love you I love you You are LOVED – GOD is LOVE and YOU are LOVE Unconditional LOVE is the best kind of LOVE Open your heart and let Him in ALL the way Can you please talk to me by GodLove Letters From GOD has answers to life’s spiritual questions

It is for YOU

YOU were created in LOVE by LOVE for LOVE YOUR true name is LOVE

Read Love Letters From GOD and discover how much YOU are loved. “Love Letters From God” By Marion Sinclair-Simpson You are one click away from love click here

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