I have Overcome the World – Jesus

A bold statement but true. Jesus overcame all the temptations and tortures that were part of His life and He overcame them all so that we would know that through the grace of God we are overcomers. Overcomers of temptations and modern day distractions which serve to distance us from God.

The facts of life today are that we are distracted by modern media, TV, Movies, Video games, Laptops, Cell phones etc., our attention is taken away from God.

Reading the Bible we learn that to come to know and develop a relationship with God, we must be quiet and thoughtful. We engage in reading the Bible, and we talk and listen to God through prayer. None of these vital forms of communication can occur if we are spending all our ‘free’ time being distracted by electronic media. Our ‘monkey brains’ are easily drawn away from our God and the lessons that He is trying to teach us.

Often we have to get away from the hustle and bustle, breaking out of our routines of work and traffic and the daily grind of shopping etc., and go out into nature to experience the beauty that our God has surrounded us with. When we take time to experience the mountains, trees, rivers and oceans we begin to appreciate the immensity of the amazing creation that our world is. There is a banquet of beauty for our eyes to feast upon.

Putting down the electronics and taking up gratitude for all that God has created for us to experience and enjoy is the first small step to reconnecting with our Heavenly Father. It is when we are surrounded by nature that we think about God and how amazing He is and our minds, hearts and spirits can be open for God to speak to us. He is the still small voice in the bigness of nature. He is patiently waiting for us to talk to Him. Every parent longs for the sound of their children’s voices. God is no different. He waits for us to seek Him. Once we are in His presence He can inspire and encourage us on our earthly journeys.

I had a friend who was hiking with several others and he unfortunately got separated from his comrades. At the start he was filled with confidence that he would catch up, or that his fellow hikers would back track and find him once they realized he was not keeping up. He had no compass and very little water. The hike had not been his idea or desire, false bravado had led him to accept the tentative invitation. His first long hike over many miles, it was difficult, more so than he had first imagined.

For many hours he wandered alone, hopelessly lost and he began to realize that no-one was seeking after him. He was hot, tired and angry. Surrounded by the amazing beauty of the Niagara Escarpment and aware that he was alone and helpless, he cried out to God to rescue him. At the end of his rope and with no skills of his own to find his way through the heavy brush he was entangled in he experienced fear and concern for his life. In that moment of panicked fear, God spoke to my friend’s heart, He told him that he was loved and his only mission in life was to love his God and his fellow human beings.

There was no thunderous voice from the clouds, no burning bush, just a quiet reassuring voice from a loving Father, reassuring His son that he would be found and to be grateful and loving to all those people he would continue to encounter on his life’s journey.

God does not expect us to save the world, He does not expect us to solve world hunger or to bring about the cure for cancer. He does expect us to feed the hungry who cross our paths, and help where we can and comfort those who suffer from illness and disease. God expects us to be His hands, His eyes, His heart to all those who we encounter on our life’s journey. That is all.

He overcame the world for us, we can overcome the distractions of the world to love ourselves and our neighbours.Ocean and Bench View

Marion Sinclair-Simpson is a writer, author, editor, publisher, mother, daughter, friend. Her writings reflect her dedication to issues of Social Justice, spreading the Good News a.k.a. the Gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing new tools and skills such as Mindfulness Meditation for Christians to help readers retool their coping skills. We hope you enjoy your time perusing our home on the www. Thank you for visiting. buy my book from here