Honouring Life – Ending Abortion

Honouring Life – Ending Abortion

Baby sleepingI grew up in the United Kingdom, and at that time abortions were only legal if the mother’s life was in danger if the pregnancy was allowed to proceed, even then the life of the child was considered to be of value, everything that could be done was done to preserve the life of the mother and her unborn child.

Abortion on Demand – Whose Right is it Anyway?

Then along came the sixties and the sexual revolution, the ‘free love’ and if it ‘feels good do it’ movements came into being. Suddenly it became necessary to allow abortion on demand, it was a ‘woman’s right’. Logically at east 50% of the babies being aborted are female, yet no-one considers their rights. For example, did they ask to be conceived? Did they consent to being killed inside their mother’s wombs? Did anyone think about their “right to choose”?

Babies in the Womb Deserve Protection from Abortionists

Having laws to protect those unable to protect themselves were not only good but also necessary. Sadly the world has gone to Hell in a Handbasket. Babies inside their mother’s wombs need protection. We need to protect them.

Abortion Should Not Be Used as Birth Control

Abortion should not be a form of birth control for those too shortsighted to use birth control beforehand.

Some Women’s Stories

For a time I counselled women who were dealing with ‘crisis’ pregnancies. It was difficult for them to make the decision to consider aborting their babies. One client, a woman who I will call *Anne, had an affair with a co-worker and became pregnant as a result of the affair. Anne’s husband had a vasectomy after the birth of their second child, if Anne told him that she was pregnant, her husband would know it wasn’t his child. Anne needed him to continue to provide financially for their other two children. Anne, couldn’t even think about coming clean with her husband and so the baby’s life was terminated. Two wrong acts do not make a right one.

Mixed Race

One of my very young clients June who was white, was pregnant with her black boyfriend’s baby. Her reason for considering terminating her pregnancy was that she did not want to have a black child. In the end she did follow through with her pregnancy and she and her boyfriend are raising the baby boy together. Supporting June and her boyfriend through the initial stages of dealing with the unexpected pregnancy and being a supportive non-judgmental friend helped June to realize that she was capable of taking on the challenge of motherhood with her boyfriend’s help.

Career or Motherhood?

Margaret became pregnant while out of town on a business trip and did not want to have the baby as it was not a good time for her career wise. She would have been a single mother and that was not something she could visualize and so the baby paid the price of Margaret’s lack of foresight and unwillingness to visualize a new reality which would have included a family consisting of a mother and a child.

Financial Strains of a Growing Brood

Most of the women I counselled had become pregnant and worried about the financial strain that a child would place on their already stretched finances. These women often decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and keep their child. Our organization helped provide clothes, toys, baby furniture, moral and community support, whatever it took to be a friend to a pregnant woman in crisis.

Post Abortive Trauma

Often women who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because of previous abortions would come into talk about their regrets. We listened and cared without judging, just offering compassion and sometimes directing them to counsellors to help them work through the grief that they suffered from the loss of their child or children as the case may be.

Grief Will Happen

Losing a child whether through an accidental miscarriage or the deliberate act of abortion, causes the mothers to grieve for the child. For what might have been.

Abortion is not a Solution – It is a Deliberate  Act to End the Life of an Innocent Baby

Abortion is not a solution – It is not a right – It is the Deliberate Act of Killing an Innocent Baby

Justin Trudeau who hopes to be Prime Minister of Canada, will not allow his fellow Liberal MPs to vote their conscience on the topic of abortion. He wants Canada to continue to have no laws to protect unborn Canadians from being killed inside the wombs of their mothers. I listened to Trudeau speak when he came to the University of Victoria, and he said that people who are against abortion are one issue voters. He is wrong. The issue of life is not one issue it is the most important issue of all, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

Trudeau’s Youth and Intolerance

Not allowing MPs to vote with their conscience is an arrogant way of saying he is right and will not listen to the views of others. His arrogance, his youth and intolerance displayed to those who have different opinions than himself prove his unworthiness to be leader of our country.

Canada currently allows abortion of unborn babies right up to the moment of birth. Abortion is the ultimate act of violence performed against a tiny defenseless human baby who did not ask to be conceived. Abortion is the violent process of ending the life of a baby inside the womb of its’ mother.

Not Helping the Pregnant Mother is a Failure to Help the Child

Anyone approving abortion or supporting it is allowing the unconscionable. To say it is a woman’s right to choose is to pass the responsibility to a person who is obviously suffering and needs support. Not helping the mother is a failure to help the child. Women experiencing unplanned pregnancies need to be supported and helped by society, we are society.

Stephen Harper – Current Prime Minister of Canada

Stephen Harper refuses to do anything to protect the unborn, because if he does it may cost him women’s votes. He should be aware that women respect leadership, no-one respects a panderer. Jesus said, “What you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” He was speaking of little children at the time.

Life is a Gift to be Nurtured Supported and Loved

Life is a gift, once created it needs to be nurtured, supported, and loved. Each person reading this had a first home, a safe home inside the womb of their mother. We have no right to take away the safety of the mother’s womb from any unborn human being.

The Womb is a Sacred Place Where Two Hearts Beat in Unison

The womb is a sacred place where miraculous growth occurs as two hearts beat in unison. Let us all do what we can to honour all life, inside and outside the protection of the womb. A society that approves the killing of its’ own children is a society without morals, character or conscience. Looking the other way does not remove our responsibilities to the mothers and the children who need our support and encouragement. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are our brothers/sisters keepers.

Let’s Honour the Choice to Protect Life in all its Forms

If we are a society that honours choice, let it be the choice to protect life, all human life from the moment of conception to the end of natural life. Our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper voted against Stephen Woodworth’s motion to redefine when human life begins inside the womb.

Some Politicians Lack Moral Fortitude and Fail to Protect the Most Vulnerable

It is sad that politicians lack the moral fortitude to protect the most vulnerable in our society, it is heart breaking when they pretend that life only begins in the birth canal on the way out instead of on the way in, despite significant scientific evidence to the contrary.

It is as though we as a country are all participating in magical thinking, now we see it now we don’t. One day the baby is unseen the next day it is born and suddenly we acknowledge its’ personhood. One day we can kill the child with no legal consequences, and the next day we can be tried for murder for killing the same person. The only thing that changed was the address of the child. Inside the womb killing is allowed and legal in Canada. Outside the womb we frown upon it.

We Live in a Country that Lacks Courageous and Moral Leadership

We live in a country that lacks courageous and moral leadership so we must lead the way ourselves by acknowledging that we are all responsible for the mess our society is in. It is time to open our eyes and speak our truths with courage and love.

Life is a precious gift


Let us Choose to Become a Culture that Honours and Embraces Life

Let us choose to be a society that protects and provides a safe and welcoming environment to new precious gifts of life. Let us choose to become a culture that honours and embraces life.


Abortion in Canada

The Order of Canada is the most prestigious civilian honour a citizen of this country can achieve. It is meant to symbolize a lifetime of outstanding achievement, and also dedication to the community and service to the nation. All the honourees are supposedly people who have enriched the lives of others. The motto of the Order of Canada translated from Latin to English is ‘They desire a better country’

Henry Morgentaler was the principle party who was instrumental in having Canada’s abortion law struck down in 1969. Since then at least 3,000,000 Canadian babies have been destroyed pre-born. Three million tiny defenceless human beings, Canadian human beings, have legally been killed. All their potential for life and for greatness destroyed along with their tiny beating hearts. Tiny Canadian human beings who in Canada are currently afforded no protection under the law.

For this Henry Morgentaler has been awarded the Order of Canada?

What kind of mixed up thinking would award the man Morgentaler the Order of Canada? Did Mengele not qualify that year? Morgentaler who is responsible for the premature deaths of at least 1.5 million pre-born Canadian girl babies, the figure may be actually much higher, no-one keeps records anymore, awarded a great honour for helping women? No, he aborted women and men for profit all over Canada, at least 3 million souls are missing from Canada due to his work.

Sadly, because we live in a country where our politicians are so afraid of losing votes they refuse to intervene to protect the rights of those who cannot protect themselves.

To bring the three million aborted pre-born Canadian children into perspective let’s consider another statistic in Nazi Germany during the Second World War one million children under the age of 16 were killed in the Holocaust by the Nazi’s. Canadians became involved in that war in an effort to stop the spread of evil, to help to end man’s inhumanity to man.

Yet only two decades later the start of the killing of three million tiny defenceless Canadian human beings began unchecked in our own country.

Canada awarded its highest honour to the man who fought to have the laws struck down that offered these tiny pre-born Canadian babies a small degree of protection.

The mind-numbing staggering numbers make it obvious that abortion is being used as a method of birth control. Now we hear of women in Canada who are pre-selecting the gender of their child, showing preference to continuing pregnancies of male children, while ending the pregnancies of the children bearing the same gender as them.

Canadians used to be shocked when China enforced a one child per family law that is strictly and often violently enforced and as most families in China prefer male children, countless millions of Chinese pre-born female babies have been aborted.

Are we as Canadian women blind to the truth that Morgentaler was not a defender or protector of women’s rights but a destroyer of women’s lives?

It is not a women’s right to choose to end the life of her pre-born child. No human being has the right to harm in anyway another human being. It is time for Canada and Canadian politicians to stand up for the very future of our country, by stopping this madness of abortion on demand.

Please write your MPs and your MLAs and your local newspapers, someone has to stand up for life. What are you doing right now that is more important than saving the life of a child?


Blessings on you and your loved ones. Thank you for caring !


Marion Sinclair-Simpson (C)

*Some names changed to protect privacy.

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