Encouragement from GOD

Jeremiah 29 11

Encouragement from God

Jeremiah 29 11

You are a child of the light.

Youre incredible

You are a beacon of hope to many.

I am me

God loves you immeasurably and He has an amazing plan for your life.


Come before Him each day with an expectant heart and allow Him to show you the way.
Do What Makes You Feel Alive
You can trust Him He has your best interests at heart and His plans are always to your highest good.
Leave your concerns in His hands and He will not fail you.
You are loved and blessed beyond all imagining, you are walking in the land of blessings, share them with others, you make a difference.
Each day is gift, unwrap it and go forward into the light knowing that you are not alone and your path has been prepared ahead of you.
You are a beautiful and loving soul.
God loves you, Jesus cares for you and the Holy Spirit protects you.
Blessed child,  keep on walking, your path has been prepared, follow in the footsteps of your Saviour Jesus.


Love with abandonment as you yourself are so loved.

what God wants

Many Blessings are coming your way for you and your loved ones.


Marion Sinclair-Simpson (C)

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