Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians

Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians

Peace of MindTitle: Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians
Published by: LittleFishPublishing
Release Date: November 2017
Contributors: Marion Sinclair Simpson
Pages: 147
ISBN13: 978-0973195385
ASIN: 097319538X

Easily learn the art of relaxation while freeing your mind from clutter. Mindshifting Mindfulness will help you clear your mind and teach you how to completely focus on attracting what you want into your life, while letting go of what has been holding you back from achieving your goals.

Practicing Mindfulness is soothing and healing, it causes restoration to our frazzled minds while calming our thoughts and bringing peacefulness and serenity to our souls.

Mindshifting Mindfulness is a calming meditation practice that will help restore focus and help us regain control of our lives. It is easy, it is beneficial to our all over health, including our heart, mind, soul and body, which all receive the benefits from the relaxing practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

Begin today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Namaste - Shalom - Peace be with you

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Excerpted from Chapter 5 of Mindshifting Mindfulness for Christians by Marion Sinclair-Simpson

Celebration is happiness and when we celebrate we experience joy. 

Accumulating wealth brings joy. However, it can have a short term negative effect. Friends and acquaintance may be jealous and envious of our success. It can make other people uncomfortable and cause estrangement in our relationships.

Our brains work by association. We must train our brains to believe that earning money is a pleasurable experience and will increase our joy. Abundance will change our situation from lack to abundance. Lack is bad, abundance is good.

The change to receive and learn to create abundance we begin by reprogramming our brains. Each day we must condition our mind and emotions to feel comfortable with financial abundance.

Firstly, we must free ourselves from lack. Wealth is the leverage to enjoy experiences. We live in a land of abundance, we have the freedom to use computers with free Wi-fi in most establishments, we can eat well, we can buy nice clothes. We should express appreciation for what we already have. Gratitude is key to opening more doors of blessings. Jesus says that if He sees He can trust us with small things He will give us much more.

Accepting blessings is receiving God’s gifts with gratitude, we share our blessings with others. Thankfulness and appreciation are necessary for us receive more blessings.

Pursue blessings, pursue abundance, know that it is your right to achieve financial success. Believe that you are worthy.


Breakthrough from lack, as you visualize abundance.

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