Forbidden Fruit: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Forbidden Fruit: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Series: Forbidden Fruit - Wolves in Sheeps Clothing #1
Published by: LittleFishPublishing
Release Date: 2018
Contributors: Marion Sinclair Simpson
Pages: 189
ISBN13: 978-0-9731953-4-7

 Life is messy but finding long hidden manuscripts that detail a diabolical murder cause conflict and panic in the highest offices of the Vatican.

Our hero, Fr. Robert must force the diabolical act into the light. Disturbing forces in the church try to silence him and prevent the truth being told. 

Standing up and fighting against centuries of ingrained Vatican laws and entrenched traditions, while demanding changes, is a major dilemma faced by Fr. Robert when  he realizes he is in possession of ancient documents that can rewrite history or destroy his career

The novel introduces us to charismatic Priests and Monks, who are entrenched in intrigues and abuses of power. The reader is taken inside the hallowed walls of the church to discover the secrecy that seeks to supress truth.

Trying to right the wrongs of the past, while battling the dark and disturbing forces of evil, ultimately forces life altering changes in those batting for truth.

Themes explored in the novel involve, romance and mystery, love and loss, betrayal of trust and treachery in high places; all these themes combine to take the reader on a thrilling journey of suspense. 

The ultimate battle we all face in life is the battle between good and evil, the dark side and the light side, angels and demons, truth and the suppression of truth. Ultimately the truth will win, but the journey to get there makes life interesting and exciting.

Forbidden Fruit, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, is a mystery, suspense thriller, which goes deeper than most books in the genre. It’s a study of human nature, the masks people wear, what causes them to create those masks and the damage inflicted by the people behind the mask. Buy the book and come along and enjoy the journey.

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 Forbidden Fruit - Wolves In Sheeps Clothing is a Murder Mystery and Historical Novel that melds the past with the present intricately. Excerpt:   'Standing by one of the many mirrors Jasper had installed in his suite of rooms at the Rectory, he was sounding aloud his name and title. Reverend Jasper Kaminski, the Rector of the Cathedral he knew he would so much prefer the sound of Bishop Jasper Kaminski, there were only two things standing in his way that he could see, the current Vicar General a position Jasper must hold before his elevation to Bishop and the present holder of the title. Jasper loved to gaze at his own reflection it was the only time he truly experienced the feeling of complete and total love.

   The Rector was disconsolate today things were not going his way as quickly as he wished. He knew he had been doing all the things necessary to elevate himself in the eyes of those in power. Although scripture clearly stated that faith without works was dead, his interpretation of this was that the more works he was seen to do through his own efforts, (of course he used lesser beings to perform the tasks), the more justified he was by his works. No credit to the lesser beings necessary. Evangeline knocked on his office door and he barked.” Come in.”

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and entered as commanded.

“The new computer software had been installed to keep track of donations.” She looked at him expectantly. He stared back coldly. She bravely continued.” You mentioned that you wanted me to go through the software with you so that we would both be proficient in using it in case one of us was unavailable one week.” She paused this time letting the pause hang in the air. He nodded and spoke with impatience.

“Yes, yes I will come down to your office directly and we can work on it I can spare twenty minutes but not a second longer.” His eyes bulged in his head as he spoke. Evangeline had sometimes thought he looked a bit like a toad with his bulging eyes, the pronounced curvature of his spine and his tendency to walk with his arms folded across his chest and his hands tucked in beneath them. She could imagine him with a six-inch tongue that would dart out to catch unsuspecting flies almost the way he had lain in disguise when he interviewed her. His persona of being a good and holy man had been convincing beyond measure. The reality she now knew was that he was a chameleon. His charms would come and go as he deemed necessary and he forever would believe the universe existed simply to acquiesce to his demands.'

   He (Jasper), arrived into her office in the flashy way she was now familiar with; he always walked as though entering stage left, “Are we ready?” His arranged smile matched his condescending words. Evangeline smiled in response as she replied. “Yes, the computer is all set up and ready to go.” She gestured to a chair next to her office chair for him to take a seat. He instead sat on her chair after all it was the larger of the two and therefore would be the more important one, just like him.

   The Rector was wearing a sweater with threads that were hanging loose and if pulled on would undo the sweater, Evangeline decided to be pleasant and asked the Rector if she could cut the threads to save the sweater from unravelling, at this comment he became quite agitated.' End of excerpt.


   “My dear girl, these dangling threads give the impression of poverty and that is why I am quite content to have them on display. “He feigned a sardonic smile. “The illusion of poverty encourages the wealthier donors to ply me with gifts of cash which are always welcomed.” He turned his gaze purposefully to the computer screen to encourage her to stop chit chatting and get down to the task at hand.