A Few Excerpts From Love Letters From God

A Few Excerpts From Love Letters From God

Selected Copyrighted Excerpts from
“Love Letters from God” by Marion Sinclair-Simpson © 2018 http://www.marion-simpson.com/a-link-to-purchase-love-letters-from-god/


I have given you a family to love and friends to share. I speak to your heart constantly reassuring you that I am your Father and I love you abundantly.

Ultimately, you must decide:

Can you trust?

Can you trust someone who gave up the riches of Heaven, to come to earth as a poor and humble Son of a carpenter?

Who humbled Himself enough to feel your aches and pains and loneliness, someone who loved you so much He became like you to better understand you?

Can you trust someone who suffered ridicule, envy, hatred, whose body was covered by the spittle of men of ignorance, for your sake?

Can you trust someone who allowed Himself to be stripped, whipped, kicked and punched, who was dragged by the hair and who had a circle of spikes forced down on His tender gentle skin, for your sake?

Can you trust someone who was tied to a giant cross for your sake?

Can you trust someone who had large iron nails hammered into His hands and then through His feet, for your sake?

Can you trust someone who as He was nearing death, gave you the special grace of being able to call His beloved Mother, your own?

Can you trust someone who with His last breath asked his Heavenly Father to forgive His murderers?

If someone gives up everything, for your sake

If the only purpose of their entire life, was to bring reconciliation between you and your Creator

If by their life, death and resurrection from the dead all these things are made possible, how can you doubt that you have value in My eyes?

You are priceless to Me, to My Son, to My Spirit.
All the people redeemed by the blood of My Son are priceless and without equal in My eyes.

If I am real, I am trustworthy.


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Chapter 3 Excerpt – Love Letters From God by Marion Sinclair-Simpson © 2018

Jesus was lonely

‘When Jesus walked upon this very earth that we now walk upon, He felt hunger, He felt loneliness, and He felt abandoned. Every emotion that you and I are capable of feeling, He has also experienced. When we pray to Him, we are praying to someone who understands completely because He has also been here and He knows just how difficult it can be to hold onto faith.

I remember on one occasion I was going through a difficult time of testing and I looked up at a crucifix on the wall of my bedroom and said to Jesus, “You have no idea how hard it is to be human.” And then I suddenly realized how absurd it was to say that. There he was on a crucifix which represented how he died and suffered for us. For me. For you.

No-one knows better than Jesus just how hard it is to be human.
He was tested and tried and tempted in all the same areas that we are. Yet He never allowed sin to get the smallest grasp of His life. He knew that we were all depending on Him to be strong. Many times Jesus called on God for strength, and He was given strength. He prayed for wisdom and received wisdom. His focus was never on the passing, temporary pleasures of this sinful world; His focus was on pleasing His Father in Heaven and obeying His Father’s will.

When we read the story in the New Testament of Jesus and His communications with the Samaritan woman we get a glimpse of how eager Jesus was to share God’s mercy. (John Chapter 4)…’


Chapter 3 Excerpt (2) – Love Letters From God by Marion Sinclair-Simpson © 2018

Let Go and Let GOD

‘ Jesus loves us and He wants us to come to know God as our Father. Though, sometimes like the Samaritan woman we have things in our lives which block the work God wishes to complete in us. Sometimes we have to, ‘Let go and let God’ to move forward in our faith walk.

In my life I had an experience where my heart was so badly broken I thought I would never be able to trust or to love again. The pain was so deep and so intense I had lost all hope for the future. I stopped talking to God. I retreated inside myself. My misery ruled my life. Even though I stopped communicating with God, He kept reaching out to me at every opportunity.

Feeling Abandoned

In the frailness of my humanity, I believed that if God had chosen me to be one of His ‘chosen’ ones that meant that He would protect me from such terrible grief. I felt that He had let me down. Maybe, I thought to myself He didn’t even know I was deeply in pain, maybe He didn’t even care. I felt abandoned and without hope.

I cried often, I blamed God a lot; I thought His whole plan of salvation left a lot to be desired. I couldn’t understand why life had to be so hard. Why did I have to hurt so much? People quoted slogans to me like, “Let go and let God”, I had some slogans in my own head that I wanted to share with them, but decorum prevented me from actually doing so.

I would sporadically attend church, but I felt alone even there. “Where are you God?” I wondered aloud. Silence was the only response. Though people still continued to reach out to me in love and others were still showing me encouragement, I longed to feel close to God. Though I wouldn’t let Him come close to me. If He did, I might have to suffer even greater agonies than the present ones. I had lost my ability to trust.

I was with a group of other Christians one day in an informal church setting. I went there simply for the fellowship. I had never opened myself up to any of the people there. They knew nothing of the pain and turmoil that raged deep within my soul. They always hugged me, complimented me and offered to pray for me. I felt loved when I was in their company.

Personal Pain

A woman there called Dean, came up beside me as I was doing my fake smiling and banal conversation, you know the kind;
“I’m fine, so fine, yes if I was any finer….” Dean took me aside and said quite bluntly;
“You have been hurt very deeply.” Well this didn’t fit in with my plan to keep my pain inside and personal. I was still of the impression that God had let me down and no-one else had a right to stick their nose into my business.

For a second I was tempted to tell her exactly that. Yet the look I saw in her eyes was a look of genuine concern. I held eye contact with her for a few moments, and then quite unexpectedly she hugged me. I felt my annoyance towards her fade away. As she hugged me she continued to speak, quietly so that the others around would not hear;
“You must give this terrible burden to Jesus. He wants to carry it for you. Give it to him, let him heal you of this deep wound and he will bring great good from your suffering.”

As I stepped back from her I realized that she was one more link in the chain of people that God was using to reach out and touch my closed-off heart.
God is always reaching out in love and He will use any means at His disposal. When I needed God the most, I pushed Him away the hardest. Yet He didn’t leave me to continue to suffer, He kept reaching out until His message of love was finally heard.’ …


And even more excerpts:  Love Letters From God by Marion Sinclair-Simpson © 2018



My personal Resume is this. I created the world in six days. I created humanity from dust. I can only love all of My creation. All things are possible for Me, so it follows that all who believe in Me are capable of receiving all things from My personal storehouse of treasures.


Picture a treasure box. Open it, inside it is filled with all good and Godly things. The grace to be obedient to My will is in the box. The grace of surrender to My will is in the box.


Child of God:

God is always reaching out in love to each one of us and He will use any means at His disposal. When we need God the most, we push Him away as hard as we can. Yet He will not leave us to continue to suffer, He keeps reaching out until His message of love is finally heard. Because He loves us completely, unconditionally and for always.


Loving God is our first and greatest commandment. When we allow ourselves to love God and to be in turn loved by God, we begin to understand the true meaning of fulfillment. No human love or pleasure can compare to the supernatural embrace of God, our loving Father and the Creator of all that is known and all that will become known.

God’s Concern for Us

Eventually we have to surrender ourselves to Him, because God’s love is incomparable and extravagant and once we have experienced the feeling of completeness that comes from being immersed in His will we know to whom we belong and can no longer deny the totality of His concern and care for us.



Sin is the cause of all pain and division in the world. Love is the cure for all that ails suffering humanity. It is always the choice at all times of each person to act in love, or to act in self-interest. Love is reaching out in humility and compassion, risking rejection. Yet knowing that the hardest people in your life to love are the ones who need your love the most. This takes endurance and courage.


Child of God:

Our God is a God of simplicity. He wants us to come to Him as little children who are seeking after their Father’s heart. The lessons He shares are simple to grasp. All we need are an open mind, a love filled heart and a willing spirit. There is no end to the blessings God can give us when we are open to receive. God is generous, gentle, loving and kind. He wants us to listen to learn and grow because we listened and allowed the words to transform our hearts.


It takes faith to believe in God, in God’s Son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit and in the angelic realm that we cannot see, taste or touch.

Full and True Knowledge

To come to know a person we must have experience of that person. It takes discipline to spend time with someone who is invisible and beyond understanding by our human minds. We have to move beyond the known physical realm into the unknown spiritual realm. The benefits of persevering in this relationship are indescribably wonderful and last for eternity.



To be broken, is to be human. To be healed by the Divine Healer, is to be able to reach out to others who are broken and touch them with the love of the Divine, which first touched you.


Child of God:

Love empowers us to move beyond our fears. Love empowers us to trust in God and so to move forward in our relationship of growth with Him. Love empowers. God is love and He is sharing everything He has with us. All out of His deep and abiding love for us –

His chosen ones…


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