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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. You are always welcome here. This is a place where you will find inspiration.

Take your time to explore. Read a story or two or three. You will find encouragement or some wisdom to share. This is a safe place to visit. I am grateful for your presence.

What I Bring to the World

I write blog posts, articles, books. I write for children and adults. The underlying theme is faith. Finding faith, holding onto faith, through the dark times and even at times losing faith. Gold is tested in fire and I have been tested and tried, we all are.

My humour keeps me sane, my writing keeps me grounded and my faith gives me hope that all will be well.

Please visit often you are always welcome here and your feed back is encouraged too.

Marion Sinclair-Simpson


My name is Marion, I think best with a pen in my hand or a laptop in front of me. I am in love with words. Words are magical, they can express so much and inspire beyond all imagining. Words can express emotion so eloquently. Words are my best friends. Books have been my place of refuge since I first began to read. The world beyond my home expanded exponentially when I first traveled through my imagination to lands far beyond the horizon of my ordinary life. Becoming a writer was my only choice. Any other vocation was a futile attempt to escape my true destiny.